Friday, 25 November 2016




  1. OGR 26/11/2016

    Hey Anastasija,

    Yes - a very romantic and very Lalique mood created here. You've accomplished the translucency and the softness and the milkiness of your artist's work. I do think, however, that it's a shame you've decided to create a 'corridor' with the emphasis being on the surface of a canal, and some of the more interesting/challenging elements of your design being pushed away from us. The buildings at the edges of the canal are beautiful, but with this composition, we can't help but float past their detail and look past them. I also think it's a shame that you're using your matte painting as a skyscape only, when one of the purposes of a matte painting is to extend the scope and vision of your city. I like lots of things about what you've achieved - expect for the composition of your elements. It's not that I don't like the water/canal elements either, it's just that your composition has created a corridor effect - can you just change the POV for a more engaging composition? You might want to consider Jordan's technique of creating a quick 3D model of your basic assets in Maya, and then experimenting with the POV of the camera to suggest some alternate compositions.

    In terms of texturing for Maya, Lalique represents some real creative challenges in terms of that translucency and glass effects (also, avoid using default water techniques in Maya - they always look terrible!) and I'm excited to see you using your skills as a digital painter for this next phase of the challenge.

    In terms of production art and orthographs - and the level of finish/professionalism we now expect of you, check out these examples from a previous student's work:

    I'd like to see you tidy everything up and commit to a more professional presentation of your production art and technical drawings.

    Short version - lovely, sensitive, romantic stuff - and I think you've definitely created a place that Lalique would recognise - but I think there's a more interesting composition out there, wherein we actually get to look at your buildings, as opposed to look at a large expanse of water. Consider using Maya and basic mock-ups of your various buildings to have an exploration of possibilities.

    1. Hello, Phil. Thank you for feedback. Okay I'll try that. I'll talk with Jordan and Simon to discuss from what point of view it would be the best to look at this city. And I'll try to use Maya.