Friday, 13 October 2017

Avatar's Archetypes

Hero: Jake Sully
Jake Sully is the main character of ”Avatar”, a disabled marine veteran, who unexpectedly was offered to go on a trip to another planet, which he had only heard about before, to replace his dead twin brother. Jake is a complex, many-sided character, he combines strength, courage, resourcefulness - and yet he is not a typical classic American "superman", he is also rather sensual character.

Shadow(villain): Miles Quaritch(Commander)
Miles Quaritch is a "real" Commander of the security service on Pandora, cold and ruthless, besides he possesses real iron nerves. He is the main antagonist. Quaritch is vilipend all local forms of life on Pandora, including Na'vi. He heads the operation to destroy Hometree and Tree of Soul.

Herald: Tom Sully(Jake’s deceised twin brother)
Perhaps it is because of unexpected death of Tom, Jake was able to find himself in a world where he belongs. His demise is Jake’s Call to Adventure, call to Pandora.

Threshold Guardian: Thanator
When Jake Sully in his avatar goes on the expedition to the forest for the first time, he crosses the Threshold of the Worlds, and encounters a thanator, giant cat-like beast – threshold guardian. Thanator attacks Jake and chases after him. Soldier manages to get away from the beast by jumping into the river. Thanator helps Jake to rethink himself and his view of the world and also show how dangerous world of Pandora really is.

Trickster: Jake Sully
Before finding himself in the beautiful world of Pandora as a ”hero”, he was not serious about the whole ”Avatar”operation. Soldier showed his ”trickster” qualities them he ”betrayed”  Na’vi by providing humans a valuable information against the clan. In this situation he is shown from the negative perspective, in order to be rehabilitated afterwards.

Mentor, Mother and Father: Grace Augustine and Miles Quaritch
Grace teaches Jake Sully not only about Pandora and its inhabitants but also the understanding and feeling of the inner peace and world. She is a counterbalance to a simple physical strength. Commander teaches Jake stiffness and strength, Jake obeys the Commander and acknowledges only his authority.

Allies: Whole Omaticaya Clan, Grace Augustine, Trudy Chacon, Norm Spellman, in the end whole fauna of Pandora

Mother: Eywa
Eywa is another ”mother” figure in film. Mother Nature - Mother Eywa is the Mother of all living beings - she does not give preference to anyone, she maintains a balance, all living beings are connected by generic channels with her.

Child: Jake Sully
Jake Sully is a likable character. Unlike his colleagues, in his actions and behavior, he does not show the slightest hint of aggression or hatred for anything. He is equable, but curious - like a child. And, it ay sound strange, for a soldier, he is pure as a child.

Maiden: Neytiri
Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite is the Na'vi princess of the Omaticaya clan. Neytiri respects the way of life of Na'vi and carefully observes their customs and traditions. She does not like to kill without a reason. She is brave, faithful and intelligent.

The Shapeshifter: Tsu’tey
At first glance, Tsu'tey seems to be an unreasonably proud, arrogant and even cruel warrior who does not even try to hide his sincere dislike for people. Especially - to one particular individual, who Tsu’tey constantly teases, makes a fool out of him, is jealous of Neytiri, and in the end he even is trying to kill him. However, when it became necessary, Tsu’tey willingly accepted Jake's help and even learned to respect him as his fellow tribe. And after the final battle, when Tsu’tey was standing on the threshold of death, he found the strength to admit that he was proud that he had the opportunity to fight with Toruk Makto(Jake Sully)

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