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  1. OGR 06/10/2016

    Evening Anastasija,

    I'm impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment you're showing in relationship to your thumbnailing of Calvino's cities - and many of your thumbnails are exciting; you're showing a variety of approaches and styles. However, I would just say to you, that on a course which is as time-pressured as this one, I wouldn't spend so much time changing fonts and accessorising your thumbnails. I think it preferable anyway that you keep a consistent approach in terms of project branding and keep things simple and, in this way, more professional and mature. It must be taking you additional time to 'make fancy' all your thumbnail sheets, and I'd suggest you could spend that time doing something more productive. Don't misunderstand - attention to detail is welcome, but I think you could be using your time more wisely. I'd rather you produced your thumbnails quickly, presented them simply, with simple numbers, and posted them quickly, than hang on to them making them pretty. This way, your thumbnails can be genuinely useful, as opposed to 'decorative'.

    So, you've chosen Anastasia - and I really like the boldness of your 'island' idea, though it doesn't quite make sense, because it doesn't explain where all the water comes from in the first place; if it's surrounded by sea water, and all the canals pour off the island into the sea... where does the water in the canals come from? You say from below, but wouldn't that be seawater too? So what does everyone drink? I think you should refer again to Calvino's description of those 'concentric canals' - your city out indeed be in the middle of those rings and raised up like in your thumbnail, but I don't think having it in the middle of the ocean makes much sense.

    I also think you're maybe missing the really important character of this city: in your statement, you make the place sound wonderful - a utopia, where everyone is happy - but doesn't Calvino himself tell us that the lifestyle and riches of Anastasia come from slavery, from all the Metropolis-style workers who work 8 hours a day to mine the precious gems that creates the wealth in the city above? Anastasia maybe a paradise for some...


    but for others, it's a living hell!


  2. I think you need to look again at what Calvino is describing - this is a city of two faces, a city with an above and a below - and in design terms that's very exciting because you can play with opposites and with contrasts. Yes, you can show us the sensual, carefree, kite-flying pleasures of the 'top city' but what about the mines where the 'slaves' work their 8 hour shifts? I don't think you're thinking hard enough yet about this imaginary city... because another thing that maybe you need to consider is 'where' this city is in terms of its culture and ethnicity. It's important to refer always to real world reference, otherwise you're just drawing generic fantasy scenes, and your influence map is a bit too reliant on fantasy art, as opposed to actual design ideas.

    Here's something for you to think about in terms of getting into the reality principle of good concept art: Anastasia's wealth is based on the availability of certain gemstones which Calvino lists: agate, for example, can be found in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico and India, so maybe that means that Anastasia is a city in that region, which means that, in terms of the architecture and materials and visual reference, you'd be looking at Brazil or Mexico or India. Onyx is also found in Brazil and India, but also in China. Chryophase is also found in Brazil, for example, so maybe, using logic, you need to thinking about Brazil as the origin for all your designs about this city... I'm not suggesting you design a 'Brazilian city' I'm just suggesting that you need good solid design-based reasons to make distinctive designs. I'm not suggesting you follow my instructions exactly, but I hope you see the principle here: go back to Calvino, find clues that can help you think more specifically about your city (and less generically) and then always, always look at real world visual references to ensure your designs are cogent and credible.

    So - in short - I think you need more LOGIC here, however fantastical your city. You also need to look again at what Calvino is actually telling you about Anastasia, because I think you might have a) missed the point and b) missed out on some great opportunities to deal with the two faces of Anastasia. I also want you to define and refine your visual concept and link your conceptualisation back to some solid real world research. It will ensure your concept art isn't just generic 'fantasy' - but rather a great example of how you build an imaginary world effectively.

  3. sorry - mistake - "your city *can* indeed be in the middle of those rings..."