Thursday, 3 November 2016



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  1. OGR 06/11/2016

    Hey Anastaija,

    Okay - I think I've got to be quite strict with you! :) I can already see your innate interest in character design over-powering your job on this brief, and I can see too how your interest in Art Nouveau might be dominating your responsibility to Rene Lalique. You've got some dreamy, romantic thumbnails, but I'm not seeing enough DESIGN and I think this is because you're not quite dealing with the real challenge of this project. The 'What If' that gives this project its title comes from the question 'What If Rene Lalique designed a city?' In this way it's very specific and it's asking you to identify the design principles, motifs, materials and creative philosophies of your collaborator so you can 'think like him' and therefore 'design like him' and it comes to thinking about the development and design of your structures, spaces and places. I think you need to go back to basics and spent lots more time with Lalique himself and what he says and what he thinks and what people say about him.

    For example, Lalique was famous for his use of glass: if Lalique was an architect, might we expect that he'd be interested in structures like these?

    I think you need to leave Lillia for a while and come back to Lalique; create a word stack which deals with his favourite themes, colours, materials and processes and then use those key concepts to develop some more explicit Lalique-related design work.