Tuesday, 20 December 2016

"Suspiria" review

"Suspiria" is considered to be a pinnacle of Dario Argento creativity, the founder of an entire sub-genre "Giallo", Italian horror film or literature.
"Suspiria" has the beauty in its every frame: fascinating architecture, interiors, decorations, blood-red walls with doors and columns, colourful stained-glass windows on the ceiling and that pink light coming from everywhere. Colour gamma of the film is saturated and contrast: blue, violet, white, red. Red colour dominates in "Suspiria". It irritates the eyes and stubbornly keeps telling us about the approaching horror and terror. It also has an excellent effect on the viewer's psyche. "The lighting is inexplicable, completely unrealistic, and in many scenes there’s absolutely no source for the light, nowhere it could be coming from. But it’s beautiful."(Sarah Dobbs,2012) All these colours look stunningly stylish and tasteful, especially in combination with film's rich scenery.(see fig.1)
Figure 1. Mix of colours in "Suspiria"(2016)

Michael Knox-Smith(2012) says that "Suspiria is a mixed collage of colour that almost leaps from the screen", which is quite a contrast to all horror films, which are gloomy, dark, filled with faded colours. Dario Argento, the director of "Suspiria" created a visual and auditory wonder. However, there is nothing to tell about the plot of the film, it is quite a characteristic for the horror movies. But it still retains the effect of an unexpected conclusion and film's various murder scenes look splendid and professional.

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