Thursday, 26 January 2017

Character Creation Workshop 3 - Wreck-it Ralph, Bathroom

Picture 1 is Ralph whose weapon is USB Flash, which he uses as a guitar to play some sick music. And by playing music he powers up his USB flash to shoot the beam of connection!!!
Picture 2 is far future time, and Ralph is half-human, half- robot. He has USB Flashes in place of his hands. He uses them as connectors and weapons.

For this one I had to make characters out of bathroom objects. I took a tube of toothpaste and made him into a chubby, round, grumpy playboy. He even has a chain on his neck( bath plug). He has a harem of toothbrushes because he has that toothpaste inside of him, and that's what these toothbrushes want every day( we brush teeth every day, so that's why they want it). Tube's toothpaste is like a money to these toothbrushes. Talking about them, toothbrushes looks like venomous snakes, they are sneaky and slick, they suck toothpaste(money) out of Tube, and poisons him. The bristles on toothbrushes look like many fangs.

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