Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Project 1: Soundscape - 3 main images

First of all, I want to say that everything on these 3 pictures reminds me of microorganisms or bacteria, and the main place where all these things live is the sea/ocean. The first picture looks like a small element on a seaweed. It seems like small hairs on a seaweed are talking to each other or even dancing. The second one is very colourful, it is a mix of different colours, and maybe it is a bacterial clump on a rock underneath the water. To me it looks like a small, but very noisy town of microorganisms, which live there. And lastly, the third picture is only one small bacteria or plankton. It is all alone, in a big and deep ocean. This plankton is looking for a home where it could stay in before a whale eats this tiny little thing.

1. Red colour- colours of energy and action; Talking; Dancing; Crowd.
2. Big mix of colours - Noise; Town; Small Houses.
3. Loneliness, Call for home, Search for home.

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