Saturday, 21 January 2017

PROJECT From Script to Screen - Chosen Words and Ideas

The story starts in a kindergarten. And it starts with a teacher telling kids about oral and teeth hygiene. Kids are being very noisy and disobedient, so they turn deaf ear to everything teacher was saying. That is why teacher decided to act differently. After changing the tone of voice to a more frightening one, she started to tell a story about tooth fairies. Teacher said that when a child’s teeth are starting to appear, a tooth fairy flies to him (her) and watches how his teeth are growing. But when a child starts to brush his teeth by his own, fairy watches if the child properly looks after them.
However after all that teacher says „However” and tells a story about a tooth fairy, who was looking after a boy, who didn’t like and didn’t want to brush him teeth. This was a reason why she started to lose all her life energy, all her soul. She started to transform into something that does not look like a tooth fairy at all – a monster with a grappling hook. Because of all the negative emotions that she felt for the boy, because he did not want to brush his teeth, “tooth fairy” wanted revenge, so by using her weapon tooth fairy started to destroy boy’s teeth by making holes in them.
By hearing this story, all the children were very scared and frightened, but the teacher ended her story with the phrase That’s why you, kids, should brush your teeth every day.”
Our tale ends with all kids going home. Before leaving, one girl asks the teacher about tooth fairy’s name. The teacher answers her question by saying that her name was „ะกaries”. And she added that „tooth fairies” like her live in every house, where people do not want to take care of their teeth.

Narration is told from the perspective of a teacher.
I could say that a conflict in this story is between character and society. How caries fights with people.
Moment, where the story truly begins starts on the teacher’s word „However”, which provides tension. Act 2 also starts on this moment.
Act 3 starts with a moment when all kids are going home.

Grappling hook could work as a weapon in many stories. The mere sight of it is very intimidating, that is why this weapon basically could be used by villains.

The second story could be about tooth fairies who lives in a beautiful world called „Garden”. Garden in this situation represents mouth, flowers/ trees are teeth, and both of them grow roots into the soil. Soil for teeth is gums, for plants – earth. These fairies are gardeners who take care of flowers: watering them and removing weeds. Sudenly the Garden is covered by a gray cloud, and the ground is pierced by hundreds of hooks, which damage plants and also takes them out of the ground by the roots. Gardeners can’t do anything to prevent this from happening. Then this horrible event was over tooth fairies fell into despair. However this whole story represents how child’s baby teeth fall out and replaced by permanent teeth. So after sometime fairies understood that despair and tears won’t help them to build the Garden again. They summon up patience and begin to plant again. And soon, thanks to their hard work the Garden began to blossom again.

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