Monday, 23 January 2017

Project From Script to Screen -OGR 1


  1. OGR 25/01/17

    Hi Anastasija - first things first.. your blog is 100% better! Thank you for ditching that robin! ;)

    I'm a bit confused - I think your story has potential... but where did the garden go? As far as I can tell, your story is set in a school... Also, tooth fairies get their purpose from collecting teeth that have fallen out - they don't protect teeth, they take them and leave money or a gift; I think tooth fairies are probably happiest when children lose more of their teeth.

    I have an idea that comes from the garden - the bit you don't seem to be using. When we think about tooth fairies, we think about them collecting human teeth, but what if tooth fairies must collect teeth from all kinds of animals too? What if a tooth fairy has to collect the tooth from a terribly fierce dog in an outdoor kennel in the garden, as in...?

    ... and what if your story was about two rival tooth fairies who both want the dog's tooth as their trophy, and so they end up in increasingly complex ways of trying to get it. To me, your words just come together to tell a very 'Tom & Jerry' style story, with lots of silliness. The grappling hook makes perfect sense in this universe, because it's your classic 'cartoon' prop. It's not that your OGR story isn't without potential, it's just it's not using all your elements and I'm not sure the logic of the tooth fairy makes sense in terms of how audiences understand their role.

    Tooth fairies collect teeth - that is their one purpose. Tooth fairies have to collect teeth from everyone/everything. In a garden setting, the sorts of animals with big teeth are limited to foxes and kennel dogs; while the attempts of one fairy to get the tooth without being eaten has potential, I'd suggest things become much more fun if there are two rivals after the same thing (and in terms of character design, you can play with differences and opposites etc). You still need a good ending... is it a case that no one gets the tooth, as a moral about greed? Or will one win over the other - and if so, why do we care, or why does that scenario feel more satisfying?

    Anyway - all of this from thinking about the garden (and not ignoring it) ;)

  2. Good evening, Phil.
    Thank you for your feedback. I am writing a reply just to make clear why I chose kindergarten. When I was thinking about that word I thought that I should do something interesting with it, because it would be quite simple and obvious to make "Garden" as garden, with all the plants, animals etc. So that's is why I picked kindergarten, a place where kids grow like flowers. I saw a connection between kids and flowers, Garden is that happy, bright place, where you watch your little ones grow. And the "teacher" was a lady that looked after kids in kindergarten I think she is called nursery teacher?
    In addition to this, I want to say about tooth fairy, that I thought about her not like this old-school tooth fairy, but as something different, but still a tooth fairy, she's doing something else but, she's still a tooth fairy.
    Thanks again for ideas, I' ll try to think more about that.

  3. Oh okay! Now I understand the 'school'... I didn't make that connection.