Sunday, 19 February 2017

PROJECT From Script to Screen - Boy Design

Hey, guys! Help me please choose design for a boy. He is a boy from nursery school, so around 6-7 years old. He is kind of narrow-minded. His parents got the money, so his clothes is very fancy and his nursery school is very modern, and not cheap.


  1. are we meant to like him? I don't like any of these - because the designs are making me 'not like him'... is this your intention?

    1. yeah, he is a kid of rich parents who is very spoiled and clumsy.
      He will fall and lose his tooth, so we won't really feel sorry for him , but Good Fairy helps everyone, doesn't matter of a status, etc.
      And he also will learn his lesson.
      Maybe I should make him more likable, so the audience will feel sorry for him, when he will fall?