Thursday, 9 February 2017

PROJECT From Script to Screen - OGR 2

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  1. OGR 09/02/2017

    Hey Anastasija,

    First thing first - LOVE those fairy designs - really nicely thought out - drawn convincingly - love the fairy fashion - very endearing. When it comes to presenting these as completely resolved designs, be sure to reference the conventions of model sheets - some examples:

    In terms of your story, I have one observation to make: how is the audience to understand the significance of 'the gathering'? Your synopsis explains it, but it's not information presented visually and the concept of the 'baby teeth collection' isn't expressed anywhere. Possibly you could do without it as a concept, as really it doesn't change your story - which is actually about an evil tooth fairy making teeth come out before they're ready. Could you not change the Act 1 set up so the good tooth fairy has a kind of lovely big map with coloured lights that come on when children are about to lose their teeth - so it could start with a light coming on on this map and a screen or similar showing the name of the kindergarten and a signing saying 'Nap Time - Tooth Loss Probability = 98%' - or something like that. You need a visual means of establishing this because at the moment, your audience isn't going to understand the significance of the calendar or 'the gathering' - only you know what that means because you wrote the script - and the audience won't be reading it before they watch your film.

    You cat design needs more work - in style terms, he's 'too' stylised in comparison with your fairy characters, who have quite a lot of detail etc. You need to up the level of realism a bit more to match: judging by your fairies and your flowers etc, your cartoon world is a bit more this:

    and not so much this:

    I think this story has a lot of potential to be great fun, but you've got two fairies, a cat and at least one small boy, so lots to do - but your storyboard is demonstrating a nice feeling for camera work and composition. Do the work, Anastasija - this could be good!