Friday, 3 February 2017

PROJECT From Script to Screen - UPDATE

This story is about two different fairies with one goal, but different motives. These fairies are: good one and bad one.
Our story starts with Good Fairy looking at the calendar where we see that today is the „day of gathering”. On this day, a lot of children’s first baby teeth begin to drop, so being in the kindergarten (nursery school), they hide them under a pillow before naptime. That’s a great opportunity for a tooth fairy to go”gathering”.
Next scene shows us our G. Fairy looking at her list to see where she should go next.
After some time she arrives at her next destination – little modern nursery school with huge windows. G.Fairy flies up to it and watches the children, who are going back to the kindergarten. After some time she noticed a very pleasant smell, she realised that she stopped near a small bunch of flowers. Enjoying the pleasant smell of flowers, she notices that an aggressive cat is watching her. But fortunately, Fairy avoided meeting with it and she happily enters the building through an open window.
Inside the nursery school our Good Fairy is waiting for children to go to sleep for their naptime, so she sees them running around, while nursery teacher shouting at them. Finally, G. Fairy notices one kid falling on the floor. But that was not an accident because, in fact, he tripped over the tight rope. Due to the fact that the boy fell one of his teeth fell out of his mouth. Then G. Fairy noticed that someone used a grappling hook to get this tooth from the floor. That was Bad Fairy.
Good Fairy would not tolerate such an attitude towards her work and especially towards children, so she begins to chase B. Fairy.
They fight, but G. Fairy’s will is stronger than Bad Fairy’s, so she wins by using her fairy tools on a Bad one. Bad Fairy flies out of the window entangled in her weapon, where the cat is already waiting for her. We won't know what happens to her.
Next scene. It is naptime. Children are in bed and nursery teacher starts to tell them a legend about a tooth fairy and reminds the children that they should hide their fallen teeth underneath their pillows. But also she starts to tell them a story about a good fairy's counterpart – bad fairy. She was tired of waiting until children’s first baby teeth begin to drop. So that is why she decided to handle it herself. She transformed her previous fairy tools into a scary grappling hook to create situations where children “accidently” lose teeth, so B. Fairy could get them. By hearing this story, all the children are scared and frightened, but nursery teacher says that they do not have to worry about that because Good Fairy will protect them from the bad one. One boy is very upset because he lost his tooth because of a B. Fairy.  
By hearing this story G. Fairy remembers that she has boy’s tooth with her, which B. Fairy kind of stole from him. So when children are asleep, while putting money to all of them for their teeth, she puts an addition coin underneath the boy’s pillow.


I was wondering about Bad Fairy and her BAD actions. Her motive she was tired of her boring job and decided to spice and speed things up. To take children’s teeth she creates situations where children “accidently” lose their teeth by using her weapon. But maybe instead of that, she will:

Instead of taking children’s teeth, Bad Fairy makes holes in them.

Bad Fairy became greedy and tired of children who want something(coins) from her for their teeth. So she takes children’s teeth but doesn’t leave anything for them. 

And I was wondering about the fight between two Fairies, and what happens to a Bad one. Good Fairy must be a winner, and she has to defeat the evil. And the way that Bad Fairy is punished, we will never see it, but obviously, she was eaten by a cat. This is a connection with another fairy tale hero, same as a tooth fairy, but instead of a small girl in a dress with a staff and wings, we have a mouse.
But he didn't die because of the cat.

PS. This is a long post, and I hope you could understand everything I am trying to tell and explain. Thank you!

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