Friday, 24 March 2017

Project 3 Fantastic Voyage - UPDATE

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  1. Hi Anastasija :)

    Okay - this is much better, because it removes all the cultural baggage of your previous idea and moves things into a fantastical realm. I like the idea of the 'summoning' of the cells to be destroyed. My feelings are that your client is going to want to see more context in terms of educating your audience, as right now, you've got a narrative that you understand to represent an element of the cell-cycle, but unless you tell your audience this, they may think they're just watching a fantasy story about characters and a temple. I think you need to begin your film by ensuring that we understand the cell-cycle - and then show us the 'untold story' of what happens to these cells that don't make the grade. Remember your client and the purpose of the film - to educate and make learning easier/more interesting.