Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Postmodernism Key Words

High modernism - is eagerness, desire to restore order in nature and society, which bases on faith in the scientific and technological revolution. High modernism is the confidence in the prospects of applying technical and scientific progress in every field of human activity.

Capitalism - The economic system that dominates the modern world, based on three basic principles:
·       Production for the purpose of selling and making a profit
·       Wage labour
·       Private ownership of the means of production
Superabundance - excessive amount of anything.

Disconnected - Feeling of isolation from the world around.

POP - understandable by the masses popular culture, based on avant-garde views and negative attitudes towards classical culture and world cultural heritage.

Fragmentary – part of something more(big).

Superficiality –primitive, shallow, outward, in a hurry.

Eclectic nostalgia - eminiscence about internally unrelated and possibly incompatible ideas, concepts, styles.

Simulacra - a copy of something that does not exist in reality.

Schizoid – ”abnormal”.

Depthless - limiting himself to irrelevant, insignificant ideas, thoughts, options.

Fabulation - fictional world hat represents itself as a real one.

Flippant - does not think about the consequences of his behavior as a whole or individual actions.

Pastiche - deliberately deformed copy, imitation, accentuating certain features of the original.

Bricolage - The process of converting the value of objects or symbols through new use or non-standard rework of unrelated things.

Aleatory - depending on the confluence of circumstances.

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