Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Premise - OGR

   This story will be about two beloved, whose love began once, on a warm, August day, when their eyes met in the middle of the Dome Square in Riga in 1939, a week before the Second World War.
Two years later Riga was fully occupied by the Nazis and their meeting happened again, but, de jure, now they are enemies to each other. He is a Latvian, a SS soldier, forced to serve the Wehrmacht, she has a yellow star on her chest and, with many others, they are leading her to her death in concentration camps. When she is escorted across the Dome Square with many others, she accidentally meets him. With eyes full of despair, she looks at him, but they quickly lead her away, and he, not able to do anything, watches her go, knowing what will happen to him, what they will do to him for a relationship with a Jew. After the war, all ghettos of Riga were destroyed, as was his hope to meet her again.But...

   I want to show their meeting at different times, under different circumstances, but all the time in the same place, same scenery – Dome Square, the place that connects them together.(shown in Influence Map) 

The last meeting will be either after the war or already nowadays –between the children of these two beloved.
   As a basis, a starting point, I will take my Character Design Project and develop it. I am influenced by many stories (films, books, documentaries) about war, especially all the human relationships shown in them, that were made and broken during these times.

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