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Don Hertzfeldt is an animation artist and perhaps he is one of the best cartoonists of the new generation.Now he is 40 years old and all his life, he wasn't involved in anything, except drawing cartoons. He considers himself a fully independent person and animator.

As a teenager Don was interested in animation, he graduated from University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies.

In making his animations Don uses traditional method: pen and paper. His art style is minimalism; both his characters and backgrounds don’t have fine line details in them. His works are usually full of black humour, sarcasm, surrealism, but there are films that are very philosophical, and show us what our world really is. 

Don Hertzfeldt’s cartoons are constantly shown at international film festivals, he is the winner of numerous awards (they even wanted to give him an Oscar for cartoon ”Rejected”). Don is considered an expert in the field of animation.

In 2015 Don Hertzfeldt created an animation film called ”World of Tomorrow”, which was his first digitally drawn animation film, that means he created it not traditionally, using paper and pen, but on a drawing tablet.

”World of Tomorrow”

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