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Bill Plympton is famous American avant-garde animator and former political cartoonist.

 Bill Plympton was born on April 30, 1946 in Portland,USA. After high school, he enrolled at Portland State University. In his student years, Bill became interested in cinema. In 1968 he began studying at the School of Visual of Arts in New York. Firstly, Plympton gained recognition as an illustrator, his works were published in "New York Times" newspapers and ”Vogue” magazines. 

Bill Plympton made his first full length animated film in 1992 called ”The Tune”.

"The Tune" poster

Bill was nominated for "Oscar" twice: in 1987 for "Your Face" and in 2005 for the "Guide Dog".

"Your Face"

Bill Plympton has a lot of strange, witty, funny and vivid characters. But main thing is that they all have good sense of humor, which they took over from the artist himself. There is also a surprise waiting for viewers at the end of every Bill’s work.

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