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British and Canadian animator-cartoonist Richard Williams is already 50 years into animation,  has 30 years of teaching animation and won 3 Oscars.
He was born in Toronto, Canada in 1933. Williams learned the basics of animation in the animation club of YMCA(Young Men’s Christian Association). In 1955, Williams immigrated to Spain, where later moved to Britain, where he founded a studio for the production of commercials.
In 1958Richard Williams created his first film called ” The Little Island”. Other his works are: ”Ziggy's Gift”(1982), ”Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure” (1977 ), ”A Christmas Carol”(1971), which was awarded with ”Oscar” in 1973.

”A Christmas Carol”

In 1988 feature film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit "came out .Cartoon material for that film was made in London studio of Richard Williams. For his work on the film Williams won two "Oscar" awards.

Richard Williams and Roger Rabbit

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